About Us

We founded Liberal World because frankly, we're sick and tired of what liberals (and their RINO accomplices) have done to our country.  For far too long, hard-working Americans have been so busy trying to live their lives, to build their businesses and careers, to succeed and provide for their families... all the while not noticing what greedy politicians, vile edu-crats, and self-appointed "elites" in the media and Hollywood have been doing behind the scenes to destroy the USA as it was founded.  We've been asleep at the wheel as so-called "universities" have poisoned the minds of our children with marxist doctrine and vilified the very system (capitalism) that has made the United States the greatest country in the history of mankind.   Well, we're not asleep anymore!  We're not going to allow the socialist LOOTERS to take away our wealth, our property, our liberties, our guns, or our birthright - not without a fight.  We're going to let everyone know where we stand by proudly wearing clothing, drinking from coffee mugs, placing bumper stickers on our cars, and displaying anything we can to show socialists exactly how we feel about them and their evil ideology - an ideology of poverty, misery, enslavement, and lack.    

We're for (in part):

  • Minimal government at all levels
  • Low and fair tax rates for ALL Americans
  • A limited government as intended by our founders
  • A government that does not exceed it's Constitutional mandate
  • A government that performs it's Constitutional duties and nothing more. 
  • A Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S Constitution
We're currently located in the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia, but will be escaping soon to a State with NO income tax and allows us to openly carry a sidearm for self-protection.

If you need anything, our email is: info@LiberalWorld.com

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