The Folly of "Soak The Rich"

The evil socialists (i.e. Obama, HilLIARy, et al) are always out there doing what liberals always do:  Taxing, spending, and demonizing those that succeed or oppose their agenda in any way. Armed with their 80 year-old FDR playbook, Marxist decoder rings, and class envy & race cards,  the socialists seek to soak the rich so that all the “little people” will feel better about themselves.  The absurdity of it all is apparent to anyone with a brain… that would exclude your average Demon-crap that exemplifies how far we've fallen as a society.  They are, put simply, blithering ignoramuses.  If you subscribe to this ridiculous notion, consider your personal circumstance – If you are earning $30k/year today, do you honestly want to be making that 5 years from now, or are you hoping to earn more?  Let's say you're ambitious, you work hard, educate yourself and get promoted to say $50k/yr guess what, you’re going to be in a higher tax bracket!  That’s right, the harder you work, the more they take!  Ten years out, what if you’re earning $85k/yr?  The tax bite is even worse.  Not such a great idea now, is it?  But hey, you're making more, you can afford it!  Let's go 20 years out- Now you’re in upper management, possibly earning a six-figure income?  Didn’t you work hard for that position?  Didn’t you make sacrifices?  Don’t you deserve the fruits of your labor?  You would think so, but the average Demon-crap would disagree.  Now you need to "give back".  You need to "pay your fair share".  If you're like most people that have paid their dues to succeed, you would rightfully disagree with the pitchfork toting liberals so eager to help themselves to your wallet.  So why would anyone vote to deprive others of the same reward?  It reminds me of those old westerns where the settlers [you] are riding through those narrow passages with high cliff walls.  The looters and banditos [liberals] are just lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce from above and steal all your worldly possessions. If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for the very people that are going to steal your wealth once you get to that place on the trail. As we've seen the last 7-1/2 years of Obama's failed presidency, higher taxes, unchecked illegal immigration, push to increase the minimum wage, and numerous ungodly regulations are devastating our economy.  Punishing success means people stay home, they fear for their future, they don't spend as freely, and you (or someone you know) gets laid off.   

Soaking the rich is a proven loser all the way around.  Have you ever received a job from a poor person?  Has a poor person ever done anything to improve your life?  Conversely, I bet the owner of your company - you know, the one that puts food on your table, has done plenty.  But aside from you, who else benefits from the evil rich in America, hmm?  Well let’s name a few, the rich build houses and expand business facilities right?  So surveyors, dirt movers, concrete finishers, electricians, plumbers, and welders have work.  Framers, roofers, landscapers, and drywall hangers get in on the action.  Not to mention all the suppliers and manufacturers of material or the truck drivers that deliver it all!  Oh those evil rich bastards, providing all those "little people" with JOBS!  Jobs we desperately need right now, but don’t have because Obama and his crew is siphoning off TRILLIONS of dollars to expand government and their sick, twisted, socialist agenda. 

People with money travel, providing all you people in the airline, car rental, taxi, and hotel businesses with jobs.   People with money go out to eat and drink.  So all you chefs, bartenders, waitresses, and hostesses receive a paycheck (and tips).  And again, think of all the suppliers and material handlers that depend upon people with money.  

What about hobbies?  The “evil rich”, buy/build/collect cars, golf, scuba dive, sail, fish, hunt, buy pianos, guitars.  They buy boats and airplanes.  Who builds boats, cars, and airplanes?  Think of all the people that supply/support those endeavors that are suffering because of the perverted desire to get even with the evil rich.  The pure, unadulterated jealousy of liberals is hurting our fellow citizens and our country.  Those "feeling the Bern" need to grow up and understand that the “rich” are not evil at all.  More often than not, they’re hard working people just like you and me.  They just worked a lot harder, smarter, sacrificed a lot more, and did whatever it took to achieve their dreams.  That used to be the goal in America.  Now as we've seen at these disgusting Bernie Sanders rallies, forget all that work!  Forget about earning anything!  Your money or anything else you have is something they're entitled to... and the Demon-craps will make sure they get it.