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The Folly of "Soak The Rich"

The evil socialists (i.e. Obama, HilLIARy, et al) are always out there doing what liberals always do:  Taxing, spending, and demonizing those that succeed or oppose their agenda in any way. Armed with their 80 year-old FDR playbook, Marxist decoder rings, and class envy & race cards,  the socialists seek to soak the rich so that all the “little people” will feel better about themselves.  The absurdity of it all is apparent to anyone with a brain… that would exclude your average Demon-crap that exemplifies how far we've fallen as a society.  They are, put simply, blithering ignoramuses.  If you subscribe to this ridiculous notion, consider your personal circumstance – If you are earning $30k/year today, do you honestly want to...

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